July 23, 2015

BOLD contributes to the creation of employment in Portugal

Bold International, a consultancy company in information and telecommunication systems, specialising in Outsourcing services, Mobile Solutions, Digital Marketing and Infrastructures continues to stand out in the area of People Management by continuously investing, at an accelerating pace, in job BOLD International recently stood out in the study “High Growth Companies”, that was carried out by the consultancy company D & B, in partnership with Exame magazine, by winning 2nd place in the category of Gazelle Company and 7th place in the overall ranking. This study, covering the period 2010-2013, highlights companies with over 10 employees and that for three consecutive years showed an average annual growth of employees by 20%.

According to Hugo Fonseca, Country Manager of BOLD International “It is very gratifying to realise that even though we are a relatively young company we can excel and give people the opportunity of growing and achieving in their country. BOLD itself was created right in the middle of the 2009 crisis, so we share the general concerns of the population and the business community. Yet that did not stop us from moving forward with a project that, today, fills us with pride, especially when all our effort is acknowledged like this and when we realise that we can contribute towards positivity and good performance for the country”.

The strong growth of BOLD International is attested by the great results, both in terms of employment and in terms of financial performance. BOLD registered an average annual growth of 97.75% of employees between 2010 and 2013. The company ended the quarter with 116 employees, 101 more than in 2010. In 2014 the record was of 334 employees and, today, the company registers more than 350 employees.

Regarding the turnover for the period in question, there was an average annual growth of 78% business volume, with a turnover of 4.7 million euros at the end of 2013. The consultancy company ended the year 2014 with a turnover of around 8.4 million euros, in Portugal.

The emphasis that BOLD International gives its internal talent is also reflected in the many awards that the company has received in this area, such as the 100 Best Companies to Work for in Portugal 2015 award when, for the 3rd year in a row, the company reached a prominent position – 17th place in the overall ranking and 1st place in the category of Activity – as well as winning 10th place for the Excellence Award at Work, in 2014.

BOLD International has maintained consistent expansion in both employment and turnover, over a prolonged period of time, foreseeing a prospective growth in the years to come.

Lastly, not forgetting, gaining titles such as, SME Leader ’13 ’14 and SME Excellence ’13 ’14.

“BOLD will continue to explore the commitment that it has taken on since its inception, the intention to meet the high standards it has set for itself- high quality, great effort and professionalism. We will continue to provide opportunities for growth inside and outside the country to create more jobs – prediction of 100 by the end of year forecast – we will explore and open more areas of expertise”. concludes Hugo Fonseca.

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